How to Add AdSense Page-level ads in Blogspot

Recently, page-level ads were made available for blogspot bloggers and webmasters which means that you can now display AdSense Ads right on your mobile templates. You can now monetize your efforts on the templates as you do with mobile apps thanks to the Google Admob Ads.

Why Choose AdSense Page-level ads?

There are a number of reasons why you choose page-level ads from AdSense to bolster your revenue stream.
  • Increase Revenues
  • Provide Better User Experience
  • Two New Formats
  • Doesn't Count Against 3 Ad Limit
  • Optimized and Responsive to Mobile Needs

Page-level Ad Formats

Today, the two types of page-level ads available include Anchors which are ads places at the bottom of the screen and Vignettes which are full screen ads that work similar to Admob's Interstitial adverts.
Vignettes tend to be more effective for mobile advertising.

how to add adsense page-level ads in blogspot

How to Setup Page-Level Ads in Blogspot Blogs

The good news is that you can install these ads from AdSense fairly quickly and easily thanks to the process which guides you through.

1. Log into your AdSense Account
2. Click on this link
3. Click the two toggle buttons to switch on "Anchor/overlay ads" and "Vignette ads"

enable adsense page-level ads in blogger

4. Scroll down and click the "Get Code" button

enable adsense page-level ads in blogger

5. Copy the code

google adsense page-level ads code

6. Go to Blogger, then Template and Backup your Template
7. Click the 'Edit HTML' button and search for the </head> tag
8. Paste the page-level ad code above the </head> tag

Note: You will also need to replace the attribute async with async="async" in order to help complete the process, otherwise Blogger will give you an error message. Once you have completed these steps, all you need to do is save it to your template.

Test Page-level ads in your Blogger template

After installation, get out your mobile device so you can test the AdSense page-level ads and see if they are working correctly. You will need to be a visitor to your site in order to check out the ads.
  • Type #googleads at the end of the URL so you can access them
  • Select the ad format from the tabbed box that will appear above the body of the blog
  • Check out the ads
You will get to see the ads in action before the public does so that you can tell if they are working fine. If you are impressed with what you see, then it is ready to go. However, if you see something that you want to change or if the ads are not present, you'll need to start over again.

The Effectiveness of Page-level ads

Since October, 2015 when these ads were first rolled out the effectiveness that they have demonstrated is considerable. Today, the ads have been used in countries all over the world and they continue to impress. For those who have already used these mobile ads on WordPress or other blogger blogs you can see just how effective they have been in terms of reaching all of your visitors. In addition, the effect on your revenue may be considerable depending on the popularity of your blog.

In the end, AdSense page-level ads are remarkably effective for mobile use and will help you build a stronger income base for your blog.


  1. Thanks for giving so useful message. I have applied this opportunity to my blog just now. Before reading your article I was facing problems with the "async" field.

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  2. When I tried it, it worked at first but now it's no more working. I don't what happened?

  3. Hi Admin,

    It worked for me too! Thank you so much! I was wondering which async attribute for a while, search box gave two. One already had async='async'. And the other one in the new code which was just async src=""...

    So, I went with the one in the new added code and it worked perfectly fine.


  4. Itz working well now, am now seeing often. Thanks big guy!