How to Increase Alexa Ranking of your Blog

The Alexa Rank in its time may have been pretty important for the SEO, however, these days is already losing its importance due to the changes in the algorithm that Google applies from time to time.

The company displays information about visitors of a website, which in turn, classifies this in a ranking, generating estimated statistics about visitor traffic and links pointing to the website. In a few words, the Alexa Rank does not directly affect SEO, but rather serves as a reference for measuring the traffic type, popularity by country and other metrics.

boost alexa rank
If you would like to enrich or have a good Alexa Rank of your website, here some ways to do it, with short-term results.

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5 Ways to Increase the Alexa Rank

Daily Content: Try to publish at least 2 articles per day and within a month you may start to see some changes in the Alexa ranking.

Install Alexa Rank widgets: Besides notifying about the results of your Alexa ranking, they will also provide an estimate of how many backlinks your website has. There are three types of widgets: button with ranking and links, the other one with the ranking only, and finally, a graph with daily records of visits. Traffic Widgets

Alexa Toolbar: From experience, I would recommend installing the Alexa Toolbar, because once we access the website, Alexa will count this visit and thus, we may get better results in the ranking. Besides this, the toolbar will also provide you more information about the backlinks of a web site, popular pages, reviews, and more.

Request a review: To calculate the Alexa ranking of a website, not only the amount of daily and monthly visits will make a site popular, but the number of reviews or opinions made with stars will also play a role in the ranking. Ask your readers to do a review or purchase Alexa opinions about your website.

Number of backlinks: As I said before, the number of visits and reviews about a website used to calculate the Alexa rank, and the total number of quality backlinks, may increase the likelihood of achieving a higher ranking for your website.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this article. I've installed Alexa Toolbar on my blog too..
    But I've one doubt. What are backlinks? How can I add that to my blog?

    1. backlinks are link pointing to your blog from different blogs

  2. Hi!! I had started my traveling blog ( 2 months ago..Intially my Alexa ranking improved by 7 million in just 1 month. But after that it is more or less constant. All my viewers say that the quality of the content has improved drastically and I am consistant i.e. I write an article every week. But I am not able to understand why alexa doesn't like my site anymore. The content is completely original and each article is of sufficient length. Kindly help!!...Please send me your suggestion at

    1. Hi Gourav Garg,

      It is pretty unlikely to see noticeable changes if your blog is brand new and isn't updated more often. The reasons why your blog doesn't reach a wider audience could be many, such as other competitors outranking you, little content, or some poor SEO practices. Just keep writing more content and you should see the results over time.

  3. hey nice post’s u’hv … i just wanted to know y is my alexa rank going bad and my india rank increasing … i need serious help coz m really very confused … i’hv the meta tags and the images r also proper … and i update my website regularly …. i get around 200-250 visits per day ...!!!

    my website :-

    please have a look @ it n tell me whats the matter …. thanking u …

    regards :-

    1. Hi Rohan
      I suffer same type of problem...I don't understand what to do...

  4. Hey nice article bro really...You have a good blog for blogger platform

  5. Hey! I was wondering if the title is alright. I think we should be concentrating on decreasing the rank instead of increasing it. Right?

  6. Hi! after being idle since 2009, I decided to continue blogging ( most of the changes I've done to my site are ideas from your articles. I wanted mine as a magazine type blog but being self taught I'm having difficulty tweaking, tuning, etc my template design. Can you please take a glimpse on it and make a comment on how I improve it. Thank you and I would appreciate it much if you do. Salamat! Mabuhay ka!

  7. Hello

    Good basic information on Alexa ranking. My experience is that I started to work on my website again 9 weeks ago and as a result went from 12.9 million to 383,856 today's 3 month global rank. Receiving only 7-10 visitors daily, visiting and updating the website daily and using the Alexa toolbar has obviously helped. Adding jobs, unique content and consistent visiting a website helps greatly in lower Alexa ranking. Looking to promote my content sometime via social media to gain more visitors. Lowering Alexa rank will help to attract advertisers and visitors. Just my experience.