Adsense Ad Code Converter

HTML has special handling for characters like < and > symbols, so it doesn't work well with those characters where they shouldn't be.

Having spurious characters like those symbols in your text can have some weird effects - blocks of text not appearing, broken formatting, and generally just not seeing what you expect to see.

This can all be fixed by 'escaping' those characters. This process involves scanning the text for those characters, and replacing them with a special character-code that browsers can interpret as the correct symbol, without actually embedding that symbol in your text.

For example, the escaped character code for > is &gt;.

This tool automatically converts a JavaScript ad code into the correct format so you can embed it directly into your new xml Blogger template. It’s perfect for converting AdSense, AdBrite, Chitika or any other JavaScript code that you may have.

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How to Use the AdSense Code Converter

Paste your AdSense code or any HTML in the empty box and then press the Convert button.


  1. how can i add this widget to my blog. please help if you wish only.

  2. How Can I make a custom PHP page in my Blogspot?
    If 1 cant make any custom php page then may I knw how did U made this tool?
    Or can I get the code by which I can make such working tool?

  3. Thanks a lot..i always need this.

  4. Hello Admin, If Convert adsense Code It will not violate the google policy. My adsense will not disable? Please let me know. I am waiting for your replay. Actually I am in confusion. can you please help me to give this info?

    1. Hi Kundal,

      Don't worry, this doesn't violate Google TOS because you actually don't change anything inside the Adsense code. This is just to make sure that your template reads the script and your ads would be displayed properly. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Thanks for sharing.
    If possible, please update this blog with more information. I have found it really useful.

  6. great blog ,i am really enjoying visiting it regularly
    more great stuff of your interest @

  7. HI! If I put adsense code like this.I cannot view my post if I view my post google will disable my account. Because I View my post it's mean I click on my adsense

  8. Thanks, this is working like a charm in my blog

  9. how can I add hover ad on my site. Please help!